Better accommodation for study

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Chemistry Lab

The school has well established chemistry lab with all the desired facilities including required equipments, chemical regents with entire safety parameters being followed.

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Bio Lab

The school has well equipped Biology lab, with charts and various species of plant and animals that makes teaching of Biology more meaning and interesting.

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Physics Lab

Physics lab is equipped with modern equipments to help students learn the concept of physics with experiments. The lab is quite spacious and well ventilated to ensure proper availability of light in it. It is designed to give practice to taking measurements, analyzing data and drawing interferences while the students doing experiments.

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Library-cum-Reading Room

The school has a well furnished Library-cum-Reading Room where necessary facilities to sit and study are provided.The students can borrow books from library.The school subscribes to a wide range of national news papers & periodicals which give the children the latest and best available information and imbibe the "reading" habit in them. Library periods are provided for the classes and students are encouraged to utilize the library to the fullest.The School bookshop provides easy availability of books and material to the students.

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Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore teaching and learning material. It is a place where students of different grades and teachers find collection of puzzles materials and model to perform multiple activities. It provides an opportunity for the students to discover new era of practical mathematics.

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Computer Lab

The school has two well- equipped separate computer labs for kids and senior with latest technology, very fast internet connections and LAN networking environment. We have well educated and qualified faculty to train the students in IT and computing. Beginning from the Pre-Primary school, we focus on keyboarding, word processing, logical thinking/programming and internet skills.